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  2. Blessed and Good Living Week.

    I had such a good week, starting Sunday

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  3. Anonymous asked: Hey! I am a senior in HS whos going to Buffalo next year. I went to the orientation a couple of days ago. I just had a few questions!! I am planning on majoring in nursing and was kind of nervous because I am not that smart. Are the classes hard? I know it is competitive, How is your gpa? I havent started yet so I have no idea how everything will be >.< Also, which campus is better? I know nursing classes are at the south one so should I live there? Thanks!! :D

    I wonder who this is. I hope you introduce yourself next year.

    I will be an orientation leader in the summer with the intended nursing students so whoever you are Im gonna meet you regardless LOL>

    Nursing in UB is so competitive but not what it should be worth. I am not smart but I try to work hard and thats how I achieve my grades. The classes here are doable and if you put work into it, you will get the grade you want (except physio lol). My gpa is pretty high in the nursing pre req side because I made sure that when its a pre req i study like theres no tomororow.

    Live at north campus if you wanna be involved! South is kinda jus ehhh. Nursing classes at south is really jus anatomy ntr and nur250. I never went to anatomy or ntr because I always had dance practices at night or an eboard meeting but I did  and doing very well in both. 

    They only accept 80 out of 300ish people so it is very competitive. I started as pre pharm then switched to nursing after my freshman year, which I totally dont regret because I am doing a minor with the classes I took in freshman year. UB Is amazing, it has offered me so many opportunities and you will get to where you are if you know how to balance school and having fun :)

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  5. Good Boy

    I went to church on Friday. Didnt go to FASA Camping (Full of alcohol)

    DIdnt go out on saturday night and studied

    Went to review sessions on saturday

    went to church on sunday

    = 100 Anatomy Exam :)

  6. We go here way too much @chungifer @bahktopus #thaifood #yumyum  (at Jasmine Thai Restaurant)

    We go here way too much @chungifer @bahktopus #thaifood #yumyum (at Jasmine Thai Restaurant)

  7. Head teaching assistant for NUR250 Next Year! :D

  8. happy two months!

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  10. such a beautiful song

    First Love is Agape

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  11. Binghamton Weekend

    I guess you can consider bing a hard core party school. Everyone here drinks casually, smokes weed, eats special brownies. The Frat houses are huge. The Greek Life is crazy good especially for asians because everyone can pledge as long as theyre up for the challenge.

    I know that if I went to this college my life would have been totally different than what I thought. I’m glad I went to buffalo. I know that if I went to bing my faith would have been totally down the drain and not  even identify myself as a son of God. I saw some of my friends who were Christian back then here and they were just 360 degree completely different. I am so blessed that Jesus chose this path of me in BUFFALO because seeing the taste of what my life could have been for a day is fine but not for eternal.

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one step at a time.




    one step at a time.

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  13. The Christian Bubble

    I don’t get it why I am being forced so much that when I miss things its like I people decide for me that my walk is not strong. On Tuesdays I have men’s  epic small group. On Wednesdays theres a bible study at my dorm with my other brothers. On Thursdays we have EPIC and I meet with my discipler . On Friday Night we have a church service. On Saturday we have another bible study. On Sunday we have sunday morning service and then EPIC Servant Meeting

    I miss one thing and you guys look at me like I’m not trying and growing.

  14. kenyaosuna:

A parents sacrifice.

this picture means the world to me


    A parents sacrifice.

    this picture means the world to me

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